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Real Troll Found in Namibia Africa?

Most sources regarding about trolls if they are real or do they exists says that they are just fiction. They came from folktales who are creatures who takes the scary part of the story. But now they are wrong, hunters from Namibia Africa had found an unknown aggressive creature that attacked them. It's too bad that they had to kill the creature as they had been aggressively attacked first by this creature.

Studying the remains of the creature, the closest description was that of a troll. It has long pointy ears just like a rabbit with huge sharp claws on its upper extremities. The thing also have large eyes and appear to be a male based on its organ as shown on the clip. Height is at approximately 2 to 3 feet.

According to the witnesses, they are escorting a shooting party in Namibia then they spotted the creature foraging for food. And the reason why they had to resort into killing the unknown creature was that when it notices their presence, it aggressively attacked them. Thus, one of the shooter manages to shot the creature and it got wounded. Somehow it still manages to escape into the thick bushes.

Due to the reason that the creature had an aggressive behavior, the hunters had decided to track the creature down. They managed to find their target just nearby and probably their nest as they have found three more creatures of similar size. The wounded creature again suddenly attacked one of the hunters where they finally shot it down dead. As the hunters deals with the aggressive creature, the other similar creatures manages to escape.

The body of the dead creature was taken into the local camp where police came to conduct full forensic investigation. Currently, there are no any follow-up investigation results about the authorities' findings. They might have taken the case as a top-secret as they don't want to let the public knows about what these creatures really are.