Mogollon Monster Sighted at the Grand Canyon Area


If you go and visit the Grand Canyon, you may never want to stay there until the time that it is about to get dark. You may suddenly get a shocking experience of sighting the Mogollon monster.

You may never believe this but there were already countless number of visitors who reported of being able to witness a strange creature in the area. It is huge, hairy and it looks vicious that it might just suddenly attack an unsuspecting individual. The creepy part of the report is that, the creature sometimes scream where witnesses describe it as “blood-chilling” which also confirms that it is not human.

The creature remains to be unknown but it was already sighted several times back in 1903. Thus, it was given a name which is now known as the “Mogollon Monster”.

In 1903, the first person who finally made the first recorded sighting was I.W Stevens revealing his experience on the William News. He describe the beast as a man that has “long white hair” with a “matted beard” reaching down to his knees. However, he has “fingers with claws” that were 2 inches long. And common to all people who sighted the beast, he got attracted to its “fiery green eyes”.

Steven went on a hunt when he encountered the beast. The Mogollon was carrying a large club and it was quite aggressive on its attempt to attack Steven. Fortunately, it got distracted by the presence of a mountain lion. So Steven made a shot at the lion scaring the strange creature to run away.

Being scared by what he saw, Stevens immediately retreated back to the safety of his boat as he witness more about the actions of the beast as it preys on the mountain lion. With his curiosity, Stevens yelled at the beast and it fled to the ledges of the rocks and made a response of “unearthly screech”.

The most recent sighting that was reported occurred in 2014. There was this female sociology student who hiked at the Canyon Point trail which is close to Payson. This is the place where she got terrified witnessing a strange creature which she described as troll-looking creature that was drinking water from the pool.

Further description of the beast described by the female student was that, it has a human figure with no hair on it but full of bumps. Its nose was big and thick but it has small lips. Although, its eyes has brown-red color. And unlike the aggressive creature encountered by Steven, this creature immediately fled upon noticing the presence of the girl.

According to some researchers, both the unknown creatures sighted by Stevens and the sociology student are the Mogollon monsters. Common descriptions to all compiled reports from different witnesses describes the creature to possess green or red colored eyes, gray or black-brown hair color and they have large human figure.

No one really knows where these creatures originally came from, unless someone can interact and communicate with them. But for now, all of the residents and visitors of the northern Arizona are aware about the existence of these Mogollon monsters wondering around the Ponderosa pines.