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Real Wendigo Sightings Collection

For those who are looking for evidences of the real existence of the Wendigo creatures. You can check the actual sightings of the creatures compiled on this YouTube video:


Here are the following details about the Wendigo sightings based on the footage:

Wendigo Sighting in Iraq

The footage of the Wendigo creature sighted in Iraq can be viewed at 1:30 time frame. It's really quite hard to come up with clear appearance of the creature due to the used low quality of the camera. Based from what I've seen, it was a humanoid creature with long arms and legs. It also seem to be at a "crouching position" as it walks around.

Basing from the legends, Wendigos are aggressive and cannibalistic in nature. This means that if the creature caught in the video was really a Wendigo then it should've attack the person behind the camera. Other than that, Wendigo as based from the legends possess powerful demonic abilities. However, it is still possible that the mysterious humanoid creature in the film was a newly born Wendigo which who was yet to discoveries its potentials.

2006 New Mexico

The next Wendigo sighting from the video was at New Mexico in 2006 wherein the creature appears similar as the creature sighted in Iraq. This time, the Wendigo was obviously hiding behind the bushes unaware that it was being filmed. The most shocking scene from this footage was when the creature notices the person behind the camera, "both of its eyes lit up".

I just wonder what happened next after that. In most cases, a Wendigo creature with eyes lit up has been annoyed and won't hesitate to attack anyone. Thus, my own opinion says that the person who was able to capture this footage ended up inside the Wendigo's stomach otherwise it was a different creature.


Some teenagers were having fun at their campsite when the same creature from the two previous sightings suddenly passed-by from the background. One of the teenagers even heard the noise caused by the creature.

'Did you hear something?'

'Maybe it's a dog.'

Wendigo Captured by Hunters Motion Activated Camera in 2010

With high-tech gadgets today such as the Hunters Motion Activated Camera, a Wendigo creature was clearly captured in the form of an image. It is currently the best Wendigo evidence that proves their very existence.

Moreover, do you have some Wendigo sightings or experience that you also wanted to share? If you do then please share them to the community by posting it in the comment form below.
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Norwegian Carved Wooden Trolls

Did you know that the first and original Norwegian troll doll was made out of wood?

The original creator of troll dolls was a skilled wood carver wherein carving figures were just his favorite pass time. His story and the creation of troll dolls started when he doesn't have any money to buy a birthday present for his beloved daughter. As a result, the first troll doll was crafted out of his hands using just an ordinary wood.

Today, all troll dolls that are available in the commercial market are made out of plastics. Manufacturing such type of products can be easily mass produced because machines does the job fast and not manually by hand. Plastic materials also tend to last longer as compared to woods.


Why some collectors prefer to choose hand-made wood crafted troll dolls?

A huge number of plastic-made troll dolls have already been mass produced widely and  already popular all around the world. You can easily purchase them either in the shopping mall or online stores. However, wooden troll dolls are a lot more rare that cannot be easily found as those that are made out of plastics. I actually just made a search at Amazon Store and they have no hand-crafted wooden troll dolls that are available while eBay does have only few of them.

Wooden Troll Doll

Thus, the reason why most collector prefers to grab Norwegian troll dolls that are made of wood is because of their rarity.

Manufactured Wooden Troll Dolls

You have to know that there are also those manufactured troll dolls that are made out of wood. Machines carved them exactly the same as how the plastic versions are made. However, there's a big difference between manufactured wooden troll dolls from the hand-crafted and they are the following:

  • Manufactured Wooden Troll Dolls are Perfectly Identical

  • Since manufactured wooden troll dolls are made by machines, each item that are produced are perfectly identical. Hand-made troll dolls are not wherein they could vary in size, shape and slight difference in appearance.

  • Finishing of the Surface

  • The most obvious way of identifying manufactured wooden product from a hand-crafted item is by taking a closer look into the fine-finish of their surfaces. A manufactured wooden troll doll has a very refined or smooth surface while a manually made hand-crafted is not.

    Why a Manually Hand-Crafted Troll Doll is Way Much More Valuable?

    The reason why a manually hand-crafted troll doll is a lot more valuable than those that are manufactured by machines is due to the time that it took to craft the object. A lot of time has been dedicated by the wood carver just to produce one work of art. Other than that, it's a product of skill. Machines doesn't have those qualities which lowers their value in terms of art and effort.

    If you really wanted to own a unique and completely rare Norwegian carved wooden troll doll, its best to find a skilled wood carver and let him craft one or more dolls for your collection. It maybe be pretty hard to find a skilled wood carver in the United States but there's plenty of talented wood carvers in the third-world countries such as in the Philippines.
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    Norwegian Prime Minister Admits Trolls Exist

    This post is intended for those who had already watched the movie 'Troll Hunter' (2010) which was a mockumentary film or also known as 'found footage'. If you have watched the film from the very beginning way through its end then you should have seen the press conference where the Norwegian Prime Minister admits trolls exist in their country.

    The real question here is that, 'Was the interview with the Norwegian prime minister real?'

    Before we answer the question, here's the video clip from YouTube to refresh the memory of those who had already seen the film before. Watch it carefully and observe for any authenticity of the footage.

    When you are done lets now answer the question above.

    The answer is 'fake' where both the subtitles and audio were dubbed over the actual scene.

    What's the Proof that its Fake?

    The press conference with the Prime Minister of Norway was real but just like what I previously stated above, the subtitles and audio were genuinely dubbed. Now to prove that its fake, watch the video clip again from the start to 0:11 time-frame.

    When 'Jens Stoltenberg' mentions the sentence below:

    "In Norway we're voting for electricity, but we're against power lines."

    The camera had shifted into the other guy wearing a black suit.

    Lip Reading

    Some of you might be familiar about the so called 'Lip Reading'. This is a capability of being able to interpret what the person is saying without the need of listening into his or her voice. All that requires is to interpret the words through the movement of the lips of the talking person.

    Lip Reading

    For those who can speak or understand Norwegian language, you can watch the video clip over-and-over again to confirm the legitimacy of the footage.

    Overall, Norway Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg did uttered those words right until the part where the camera shifted into the other guy who made a remarkable and priceless reaction. While the camera was shifted on the other guy, that was the part when the Prime Minister admitted that trolls does exists and the reason why they had requested more Power Lines around Norway. The shifting of the camera prevents anyone who can lip read from confirming if the Prime Minister really uttered those words.
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    Interesting Facts About Troll Dolls

    Behind the troll dolls, there's an interesting fact about the person who created these small toy creatures. Back in 1959, a 'Danish' fisherman by the name of 'Thomas Dam' and his family were on financial needs that he cannot afford a Christmas gift for his young daughter 'Lila'.

    Apart from his job as a fisherman, he got another skill as a woodcutter or woodcarver. According to Thomas Dam, he simply let his own imagination helped him in carving his very first troll doll which he gave as a present to his daughter.

    Thomas Dam's daughter Lila was so very happy that when other children in the Danish town saw the troll doll on her hand, they would also like to have one. This ticked the mind of Thomas Dam to turn it into a huge business. As a result, he put up a company which he called as 'Dam's Company'. They started mass-producing troll dolls in the form of plastics under the name as 'Good Luck Trolls'.

    Dam's Good Luck Troll dolls suddenly became so popular in most of the European countries during the early period of 1960s. But the simple fisherman's success didn't end there. His great success followed when the troll dolls were introduced in the United States in 1963 that it even became the biggest toy fads until 1965. However, some company imitated Thomas Dam's product wherein they cost a lot much cheaper replacing the original out of the North American shelves with the cheap imitations.

    Troll Doll

    In 2003, the Congressional Law has finally decided to restore the original US copyright back into the Dam Family of Denmark. 'Uneeda' was the one responsible for the production of troll doll imitations in the US wherein they made millions of dollars from it. Since they cannot afford to lose what they have been making from their troll dolls, they challenged the Congress' decision but they lost.

    Today, there are many people around the world who find enjoyment in collecting troll dolls. There is actually an obsessed mom who has over a thousand troll dolls as her collection. When she was asked why she was so obsessed with her collection of troll dolls, she simply claimed that her collection makes her very happy. I think there's more into that than being happy but only people with such obsession can understand the reason why.

    Apart from the collectors, 'DreamWorks' which is the largest company in the field of animation has acquired an intellectual property rights for the troll franchise from the Dam Family. Currently, DreamWorks has an ongoing huge plans about the troll dolls in presenting them of today's wide-screen.
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    The Creature that was Defeated by the Three Billy Goats Gruff?

    Many of you who are not really familiar about Norwegian Folktale are wondering about the creature that was defeated by the three Billy Goats Gruff. The creature was actually a mountain troll that its quite hard to imagine how the Billy Goats managed to get away from it.

    Among the three Billy Goats Gruff, the eldest was the one who actually defeated the troll while the other two simply outsmarted the dumb beast. As to what happened to the troll, it could have either died or simply left the bridge out of humiliation.

    In the movie Troll Hunter, Hans who was the hunter used a goat to attract the troll that was hiding under the old bridge. Unfortunately, the goat attracted a different and quite aggressive troll (Raglefant) that nearly killed Hans. He was actually trying to take a blood sample out from the troll and fortunately, he was just lucky enough to take some without getting killed.

    The troll from the story,  The three Billy Goat Gruff must have been a human sized troll. If this was the case then its a lot more comfortable to create a visual imagination on how the biggest Billy Goat Gruff managed to threw the creature off the bridge. However, most human sized trolls were the once capable of using supernatural abilities. Their capabilities was actually comparable to the witches or even far more beyond as they were considered as "mythical beings".

    A closer perspective point of view about the creature that was defeated by the Billy Goat Gruff must have been a troll dwarf. Since the creature was small, the biggest among the Billy Goats can easily drive it off the bridge. But again, troll dwarves were known for their exceptional intelligence. Based on the Norse Mythology, the gods and goddesses even consult them for guidance and decision-making. Thus, this makes it impossible for the first two younger Billy Goats to outsmart a troll dwarf.

    Troll Monster

    Giant trolls were the once with the lowest form of intelligence (dumbest among all of their kinds) and most of them does not posses any supernatural abilities. They simply rely on brute or physical strength to incapacitate their prey. If this was the type of troll that was encountered by the Billy Goats then even the biggest among them does not stand against the troll.

    What giant trolls actually does in most of their time was to eat. They keep feeding themselves with anything that they can grab with their own hands. Thus, a real troll cannot afford to lose any food on their sight especially when it comes to animal's meat. They cannot also be outsmarted just like what the first two young Billy goats did on the story. Giant trolls does not have that kind of potential to think and wait for the biggest goat to come and pass on the bridge. It's because their actions are driven by their hunger and appetite for food.

    The Three Billy Goat Gruff Did Not Defeat a Troll

    Many sources on the web claims that the creature defeated by the three Billy goat gruff was a troll. In my own opinion, it was not a troll but a mere human being. I had already proven above that the three Billy goat gruff does not stand against any kinds of trolls. So here are my own speculations:

    1. An Old Man Living Under the Bridge

    Yes it was an old man and not a troll. An old homeless man who has no where to go but to live under the bridge. He must have been staying there for a long period of time that he became so ugly looking like a troll. This old pitiful man must have confronted the Billy goats when the time that he was so hungry. Due to hunger along with an old aged body, he was easily defeated by the eldest Billy goat gruff.

    2. Trolls Do Not Live Under Bridges

    A bridge is a path constructed by humans for them to be able to cross a stream or river. This means that the bridge is intended to be used by humans most of the time. Thus, trolls won't situate on that place knowing that there will be humans crossing over the bridge. You have to know that trolls cannot stand the presence of humans the reason why they prefer to live on remote places far away from the human society.

    3. Other Creature but Definitely not a Troll

    There were so many other strange creatures that existed in the past. The creature that lives under the bridge might have been just mistaken as a troll.
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    List of Movies with Trolls in Them

    You must have been a fun of trolls just like me who are interested in watching movies about them. There are actually plenty of these movies with trolls in them that I'm even planning on writing my reviews.

    Moreover, I will be introducing on this post the top 10 movies with troll creatures which are also my best suggestions for you to watch.

    Here are the following top 10 movies on my list:

    1. Troll Hunter (2011)

    A group of young film makers goes out to investigate the killings of the bears in the vast forest of Norway. As they try to expose the suspected culprit of the incident, they came to know that he actually works from a top secret government agency that hunts down trolls. The film crew didn't expect what they just found out where they end up being chased by aggressive giant trolls.

    2. The Troll (1986)

    This was a very old movie that even won an award as the best horror film on 1986. The movie features a very old specie of trolls known as the 'Torok'. Their kind actually no longer exist but at some point one of them managed to survive until this present period of our time. Watch this movie as the last surviving Torok troll attempts to resurrect its old world out from the new existing human world.

    3. The Troll 2 - The 20th Anniversary

    A family goes for a summer vacation in a small town called 'Nilbog' but unexpectedly, they were not aware about the existence of trolls. As they try to explore the village, they started noticing strange things around them. They then realized that the trolls were capable of turning humans into vegetables through their magical potion.

    You may also want to watch first the 'Troll 2 Best Worst Movie Documentary' film before watching this movie.

    4. Troll in the Central Park

    This movie is best for children to watch. The protagonist was actually a troll who was capable of growing flowers through his green thumb. Unfortunately, the world where the troll lives was ruled by a wicked and powerful troll queen. Her goal was to cause bad things and misfortune to all humans. However, our protagonist doesn't want to harm humans the reason why the queen exiled him as his punishment.

    The friendly troll was exiled into the human world where he met two young human siblings. This ends up the troll being happy with his new human friends but the wicked queen found out about it. Watch this movie as the friendly troll and his human friends overcome the evil wicked troll queen.

    5. Gnomes and Trolls - The Secret Chamber

    This is another  good movie that is perfectly suitable for children to watch. On this movie, the trolls had sneaked into the Gnomes secret food chamber and stolen all their foods. This puts all the gnome's village into serious hunger but one brave gnome had volunteered for a mission to retrieve their foods back.

    6. Beowulf (2007)

    In the kingdom of Spare Danes, a troll named 'Grendel' keeps on attacking the villager hurting anyone across its path. A growing concern was troubling the king as he doesn't know what to do. Most of his army had already been taken out and injured by the monster. Fortunately, a mighty warrior by the name of 'Beowulf' came to visit the land and to deal with the troll.

    7. Lord of the Rings

    The trolls were known as the Olog-hai and they were the most powerful army that Sauron had commanded to pursue the hobbit, 'Peregrin Took'. They had successfully attacked the 'Siege of Gondor' then at the 'Battle of the Pelennor Fields'. However, they failed on their pursuit at the 'Battle of the Black Gate' when the ring has been finally destroyed.

    8. Hansel and Gretel the Witch Hunters

    When Gretel was being bullied by a group of bad guys, a huge mighty troll had suddenly barged out of the bushes. The troll came out rushing towards the bad guys smashing them with his own powerful bare hands.

    9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    A mountain troll had entered the school campus and wondered around. Unfortunately, Hermione was at the toilet room and she was not even aware about the troll. Thus, Harry Potter and Ron Weasly went to the toilet room to warn their friend but unexpectedly, the troll was already there.

    10. Snow White and The Huntsman

    While Snow White and the Huntsman was on their way around the swampy dry land, they accidentally disturbed one humongous troll. It was so big that the Huntsman doesn't even stand a chance of fighting it. For some unknown reason, the giant troll got intimidate when Snow White started shouting at it.

    For more movies with trolls in them, you can check them on this category.
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    King Kong - The Legendary Giant Gorilla

    The most popular giant ape ever existed in the movies and story books was the mighty King Kong. He was actually identified by most scientist as a giant ape that belongs to the extinct species of gorillas known as the 'Megaprimatus Kong'. It was also believed that King Kong was not a native of the 'Skull Island' wherein his ancestors came from Asia via a bridge that linked into the island.

    King Kong's early ancestors were known as 'Gigantopithecus'. The name came from two separate Greek words which are Gigantas (giant) and Pithecus (monkey). These prehistoric gorillas were a lot bigger than the modern apes. As for the name King Kong, it came from a German word 'Koing' which means 'kings of kings'. Such title was given due to the reason that this massive beast was the most powerful animal on the land during his period of time.

    Large Silverback Gorilla

    Physical Appearance

    You must have already seen a gorilla. All you just have to do is to multiply the size perhaps 10 times. Moreover, King Kong's approximate size was known to be around 18 to 25 feet. The color of its fur was dark or black. For the old gorillas, their hair at the head and the back tends to turn into grayish silver color.

    King Kong

    Gorillas walk in a natural way where they support their body with their bare knuckles as they walk. Their knuckles are quite thick and durable capable of sustaining any heavy pressure.


    Megaprimatus tends to live in a small group of family. Their children were taken care and guarded by the large males as the smaller size goes to hunt or gather food for the whole family. They prefer to situate themselves on a place nourished with foods that they eat. Megaprimatus were known to be herbivores as they only eat fruits, shoots and leaves of all kinds.

    Their form of communication was similar to the modern gorillas today. They can communicate with one another through grunts, roars and body language.


    During the period of the Megaprimatus, they have plenty of enemies in the jungle. Among their mortal enemies were the Venatosaurs, Foetodon and Terapusmordax. These predators were only after the young Megaprimatus the reason that the largest male of their kind were the once that stays on guard on their shelter.

    Movie (Warning, paragraph below contains spoiler)

    Somewhere in the Indian Ocean was the Skull Island, a place with so many strange giant animals. And, there lives the mightiest creature King Kong. However, he was captured by an American film crew led by 'Carl Denham' wherein they took the giant creature into New York to be exhibited. At some point, King Kong had managed to escape searching for Ann Darrow. This made King Kong climbed the Empire State Building with an attempt to protect the actress who was thinking that she was in grave danger. As a result, he was shot by a group of military aircraft and sadly he fell down and died.

    Watch how the mighty King Kong (2005 Movie) fights a group of predators (dinosaurs).

    Is the movie King Kong based on a Real Story?

    King Kong was a fictional character and his story on the film was not based on some sort of real story or events. Perhaps the only real thing was the part showing how aggressive the beast.

    Moreover, this giant gorilla was created out from the brilliant imagination of a US film maker 'Merian C. Cooper'.

    Similarities of King Kong to the Giant Trolls

    Most species of giant trolls are also quite hairy but not as hairy as the King Kong.

    Just like the gorillas, giant trolls also communicate with one another through grants, roars, howling and body language (they don't speak human language).

    And above, both beasts are aggressive type of creatures.
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    Troll Sighting in Norway

    Norway is believed to be the original home of the trolls because there has already been several proofs and sightings of their existence until this current period of our time. Some popular places of Norway are actually even named after the great trolls. There are also rumors that those huge rocks found in Norway are the corpses of dead trolls exposed under the ray of sunlight.

    Going back into the history of Norway culture particularly about the trolls, these creatures had existed only on the Norwegian Mythology. They are considered myth which means that they are not real but simply created by a certain person out from imagination as story characters. But, don't you know that most stories in the past are actually based on their real life experiences and events?

    Most trolls in Norway are depicted as Nordic equivalents of giants though often smaller in size. Old portraits and sculptures of these creatures are often depicted as extremely wicked and cruel. Stories even describe them as dishonest, ugly or scary and they posses evil magical abilities. Some human-like trolls prefers to live in the wilderness, underground hills, caves or piles of earth. The biggest trolls was known to be found in Norway is in the Hunderfossen family park in Gudbrandsdal.

    The extinction of the trolls which is according to legends was due to the gods who frequently created lightning that intentionally hits anyone from the ground. For this reason, trolls went extinct but their are still some evidences that some manages to flee and still occupies the deepest forests and widest tundra of Norway.

    Present Sightings of Trolls in Norway

    There are actually several trolls sightings in Norway that has been accidentally caught on camera. Some even managed to capture these mystical creatures on their hand-held video camera. People of Norway are actually courageous and must be admired for their bravery for being able to stand and capture these mystical creatures.

    Here are some of the photos that they willingly shared for the community to witness how a real troll looks like:



    Sad to say that the photos had been taken down due to the reason that an authority had sent an email with the threat to take this site down. The email even asked for the original copy of the photos to be confiscated by them with an amount of cash to be rewarded in return.

    Moreover, there are also troll sightings found in other countries such as the creature that has been captured on a low quality camera at Pennsylvania. Too bad that its quite hard to determine the features of the creature on the photo unlike the images posted above.

    Another creature believed to be a descendant of the troll are found in Namibia Africa. It was already a few years ago that the creature was caught and taken by the authorities. Unfortunately, nothing was ever heard more about the creature about any further findings.


    The secret government organization who threatened me to confiscate my original photos finally caught me. They got all my photos now as well as all of my compiled researches about trolls. Other than that, they also want me to "shut this blog down". However, I managed to negotiate to their demand by deleting all "sensitive information about trolls". This is the reason why there are only few posts that remains. Sad to say, I won't be publishing anymore post about these creatures.
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    Troll Dwarves of the Norse Mythology

    When it comes to Norse Mythology, dwarves are actually considered as trolls. Other terms for them are kobolds, brownies, goblins, pucks and huldra folks. In the Scandinavian Folktale, these creatures are different from one another but they can be considered as distant relatives.

    Norse Mythology describes troll dwarves as small creatures with dark skin, green eyes, short-legs, large heads and with a feet that looks-like a crow's feet. However, the gods had commanded them not to show themselves during daytime or they will suffer a burning painful death if they expose themselves under sunlight. Apart from being burnt, their corpse will turn into stone just like the trolls.

    Troll dwarves doesn't posses any incredible mystical power of some sort. They can be compared to a normal human being who simply walks on the surface of the Earth and have their own daily life style. But, what makes them separate among mankind are their extensive knowledge and intelligence beyond humans and even the gods. For this reason, both gods and men are always anxious enough to question them.

    Singular dwarf by Frølich

    These little beings do also possess magical artifacts such as the 'tiny red cap'. This item allows them to become invisible wherein they can easily travel from one place to another without being noticed by humans. This cap is more commonly known as 'Tarnkappe' and its what makes a dwarf safe from the peril of being petrified as they travel on the surface of the Earth after sunrise.

    Norse dwarves are also good smiths. They were the once who crafted the mythical sword 'Tyfing' which has the capability to cut through iron and stone with ease. This sword was given to Angantyr and he was too proud to own it that he even took the blade with him on his burial ground. Yet, the sword has been recovered by Angantyr's daughter Hervor where she visited her father's tomb during the middle of the night and recited some magical spells. This forced the dead corpse to rise from the grave giving the precious blade to Hervor. The blade somehow ends up into the hands of another Norse hero.

    Another famous swords that has been crafted by the dwarves was the Angurvadel owned by Frithiof which he had acquired as a part of his inheritance from his father. There's more story about this sword but its no longer related to the dwarves.

    In Scandinavian folktales, troll dwarves are a lot more evil in terms of their deeds. Norse Myth is actually the opposite. The troll dwarves are generally kind and helpful to humans that they can even do most of the household task such as cooking, harvesting to taking care of the livestock. If they are ill-treated from staying on a certain house, they can forsake the house and swear never to return again.

    One event on the Norse Mythology on how these little creatures had proven to be quite rewarding was when the old gods in the Northlands ceased to be worshiped. This had caused all the dwarfs to move out of the country wherein they need to cross a certain river. Somehow, a mysterious person hired a ferryman to drive his boat back and forth across the river for no reason at all. The ferryman thought that it was not a big deal since he will get paid anyway. But as he does what he was told, he noticed that his vessel was so heavily filled with invisible passengers. Actually, the boat even nearly sank.

    Finally, the whole night of transportation has been done and the ferryman was greatly rewarded for his effort. He was also informed by his employer that he had just transported passengers of dwarves across the river.

    If the short story above are good enough to say that the dwarves are good and friendly to humans then you are wrong. At some point, dwarfs envy the humans in terms of their size wherein they actually want to be taller. Thus, they end up trying to win over humans as wives but the worst part is that they steal unbaptized children or swap their own babies for the human mother to nurse. The swapping of babies is known as 'Changelings' which can be prevented by brewing beer into an egg-shell. When a swap has been made, the common method was to grease the soles of the child's feet then hold them near the flames. This will attract the dwarf's parents with the offspring's distressed cries wherein they will immediately return the stolen baby of the human mother.

    Norse Mythology do have a lot more interesting information about dwarves. Although, it'll take a very long post to discuss them all. Anyway, the information contained on this post is already good enough as a form of introduction in letting you know about the dwarves of the Norse Mythology.
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    Trolls Can Smell Christian Blood

    All trolls are evil or demonic entities that has been forsaken by God to stay forever in the corner of darkness. Due to this reason, they have some utmost grudge against Christian believers that they even have keen sense of smell to easily distinguish them from the non-believers. You can find out more about the scent of a Christian from the Bible on 2 Corinthians 2.

    It seems that we can make an speculation to the origin of the trolls basing from the Bible itself. Reading the Bible, it clearly illustrate that most people have sinned by believing into an idol such as Nebuchadnezzar as their god. There are thousands of people or even more who are believers of such idols.

    When Moses left his people to travel into the mount, they betrayed him wherein they built a golden calf and altar to worship.

    People in the past who used to believe in God or Christ but turns out to be more of an idol believer had been punished wherein they became trolls. This might explain why trolls can clearly smell the scent of a Christian Blood triggering them to cause rampage and tends to be more violent against them. Another interesting aspect to take a look at is that, trolls will turn into stone under the exposure of sunlight. It's like a punishment for them to die and turn into a mere object just like their idol that they use to worship.

    Based on the 'Troll Hunter' movie, the camera man was a Christian. Hans, the troll hunter had already warned them about this but due to curiosity of the camera man - he kept silent. Unfortunately, the group got trapped inside a cave consisting of huge specie of trolls. Everything should all just be fine where all they just have to do is simply wait for the perfect opportunity to escape but then, the camera man had admitted that he was a Christian.

    Hans told the group that they had to find a way to escape out because the trolls will soon be able to smell the Christian blood out of their camera man. Thus, they waited for the perfect opportunity to sprint their way out of the cave. As they got the chance, the crew was able to run out of the cave except for the camera man who was caught and dragged back into the troll's cave. The camera man was then replaced by a female Muslim.

    The photo shown above is a statue of a troll and its called 'Troll Smelling Christian Blood'. It was made by a sculptor named 'Niels Hansen Jacobsen' in 1901 and it has caused quite a controversy in Copenhagen. This is due to the reason that the troll statue has been placed in front of the 'Church of Jesus' in Valby.

    Today, the statue has been moved and currently standing at Carl Jacobsen's museum, Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket. In 2002, a copy of the troll statue has been created wherein it was placed right in-front of the church where the original statue used to stand. This was to celebrate the 100th birthday of the troll statue that has been forgotten how controversial it was before. Another copy can be found at Vejen which became a part of the Troll Fountain.
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    Do Trolls Really Exist? @2011-2016