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The Casts of Troll Hunter Movie

For those who were inspired by the movie 'Troll Hunter' and wanted to know more about the cast who played the characters in the film, well here they are with a short personal background about them:

1. Hans, Trolljegeren

- Played by Otto Jespersen

- Mr. Otto Jespersen was born on July 21, 1954 in Norway wherein he played the lead actor of the film Troll Hunter in 2010. Some of his other previous movies were the Odd Little Man, Rikets Rost (TV Series), O.J. - Alt for Norge (TV Series)...

2. Thomas

- Played Glenn Erland Tosterud

- Mr. Glenn Erland Tosterud is an actor and at the same time a producer. He gained popularity from his appearances on the movies called Orange Girl (2009), Scene Fraet Parforhold #2 (2010) and Trollhunter (2010).

3. Johanna
- Played by Johanna Morck
- Johanna Morck is an actress where she gained fame on her previous appearances on movies entitled Magic Silver (2009), Cold Prey 2 (2008) and Trollhunter (2010).

4. Kalle

- Played by Tomas Alf Larse…

Mogollon Monster Sighted at the Grand Canyon Area

If you go and visit the Grand Canyon, you may never want to stay there until the time that it is about to get dark. You may suddenly get a shocking experience of sighting the Mogollon monster.

You may never believe this but there were already countless number of visitors who reported of being able to witness a strange creature in the area. It is huge, hairy and it looks vicious that it might just suddenly attack an unsuspecting individual. The creepy part of the report is that, the creature sometimes scream where witnesses describe it as “blood-chilling” which also confirms that it is not human.

The creature remains to be unknown but it was already sighted several times back in 1903. Thus, it was given a name which is now known as the “Mogollon Monster”.

In 1903, the first person who finally made the first recorded sighting was I.W Stevens revealing his experience on the William News. He describe the beast as a man that has “long white hair” with a “matted beard” reaching down to his …