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Troll Hunter Movie – Real or Fake?

On the movie entitled ’Troll Hunter’, it features an interesting story about the secrecy of the existence of trolls deep in the vast forest of Norway. But, what often draws most viewer’s curiosity is whether the movie is Real or Fake? Before we answer this question, let’s have a short summary of the movie. For those who haven’t yet seen the movie, you might want to watch it before reading this post as it contains some spoilers.

The story began when three students of Volda University who are film-makers (Thomas, Johanna and Kalle as the Cameraman) wanted to investigate the sudden and strange deaths of several bears in Norway. Due to their determination to expose the culprit, they came to know a mysterious person (named "Hans") that is being suspected by most people in the nearby community to be the one responsible for the killings.

They end-up trying to stalk Hans thinking that he was the one to blame for the killing of the bears where all they need is a proof to prove him gu…