Troll Hunter Movie – Real or Fake?


On the movie entitled ’Troll Hunter’, it features an interesting story about the secrecy of the existence of trolls deep in the vast forest of Norway. But, what often draws most viewer’s curiosity is whether the movie is Real or Fake? Before we answer this question, let’s have a short summary of the movie. For those who haven’t yet seen the movie, you might want to watch it before reading this post as it contains some spoilers.

The story began when three students of Volda University who are film-makers (Thomas, Johanna and Kalle as the Cameraman) wanted to investigate the sudden and strange deaths of several bears in Norway. Due to their determination to expose the culprit, they came to know a mysterious person (named "Hans") that is being suspected by most people in the nearby community to be the one responsible for the killings.

They end-up trying to stalk Hans thinking that he was the one to blame for the killing of the bears where all they need is a proof to prove him guilty of the crime. Hans did everything he can to escape away from the stalking group of youngsters but he was unable to do so. Thus, Hans decided to talk to them where they came into an interesting agreement that the three youngsters are free to film him on his activities provided that they are to follow everything that he wanted them to do.

At this point, the students followed Hans on his mysterious activities where they realized that he is a Troll Hunter. He’s actually an agent who works from a certain top secret government agency with the duty of keeping the trolls from passing through the boundaries of human inhabited areas of Norway. At that time, the government had assigned Hans to go for a hunt since there are several dangerous trolls that escaped out from their territory. Hans is probably the right guy for the job.

Hans along with the trio had gone into a lot of adventures but unfortunately, one of the students died in the hands of the trolls. The camera guy got caught by the trolls and dragged back inside the cave. Anyway, he was replaced by a female.

At the end, just after Hans and the film-makers went on their separate ways, a group of men-in-black who works from the secret government agency suddenly chased the three youngsters and seized all their documentation.

So is the movie Fake or Real?

What makes the movie "looks real" is that it was filmed by an actual hand-held camera. Apart from that, a statement from the beginning claims that the video-footage was real and it has never been tampered or edited.

Hand Held Video Camera

Since the film-makers had gone all missing just after they were taken by the government agents, it was claimed that the disks which contains the film was mysteriously found at a certain abandoned car.

Abandoned Car

Moreover, the answer to the question above is actually ‘Fake’. These kinds of movies are becoming more-and-more popular around these days where the goal of the movie is to present the story as real or true-to-life stories. Although, this doesn't mean that the existence of trolls out there is also fake.