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Norwegian Trolls in the Deep Forest of Norway

Norway possesses one of the best Tourist Attraction in terms of forest landscape. So if you are one of those explorers who enjoy themselves wondering in a deep jungle of a huge and wild forest-area then Norway might be the perfect place for your next adventure. And to make your adventure a lot more interesting, you may want to know about the creatures called ‘Trolls’. Upon knowing them, let us hope that it will not be the reason why you should not explore the deep forest of Norway anymore but rather as a challenge on your part as a brave adventurer.

This blog actually focuses all about trolls as its main topic. Thus, if this is your first time to encounter this term then you may want to read the first few previous published posts. As for those who are fascinated by them then let’s get to know them a lot more better particularly about the Norwegian trolls of Norway.

Trolls are considered in all sources of information as fearsome creatures and dangerous to us humans. Some even claim that during the old times, these kind of creatures attack villagers nearby their territories for human flesh as their most favorite type of food. This might be true in the past but at this present period of time, there are no reports of such kind of brutal attack but not unless that the government really does prevents such incidents from leaking out into the public.

There are actually different type of troll species which varies in their size, form and habitat. The most interesting fact is that there are several places in Norway that are named after them such as Trollfjorden, Trollhetta, Trolltindan, Trollveggen, Trollheimen and Trollstigen.

Iceland Dimmuborgir

What exactly is a Norwegian Troll?

The closest synonym to describe a troll is an ‘Ogre’. If you have already watched the movie entitled ‘Shrek’ then the protagonist was an ogre. He used to be fearsome and a scary monster but at the end, people had accepted him as a part of the community and even treated as a hero because of saving the Princess in the hands of the mighty evil dragon.

A general description of trolls is that they are scary beasts that tend to live in the woods as their most preferred type of habitat. Based on most Norwegian Tales or Fairytales, they possess the quality of being stupid which can be easily manipulated. And apart from their enormous size as already been mentioned above, they are quite filthy creatures that even some of them have trees growing on top of their head. Most of them also have long messy hairs.

The most interesting aspect about Norwegian trolls that you might want to know is the rumor that once they got hit by a strong ray of light especially from the natural sunlight then they will instantly turn into rocks or stones. It’s due to this reason why there are large strange rocks that can be found on weird places of Norway.

Troll Stone

Do trolls belong to the same species as the Giants?

Let’s first differentiate the trolls from the giants. Trolls as already been described above also do have huge sizes that some of their species were super gigantic. As for the giants, some sources claims that they were just like humans in all physical aspects. They were just big.

To answer the question, the giants actually belongs to the human species. Yes they are humans just like us.

Unlike trolls, there aren’t actually enough evidence to support their existence but giants do have plenty of evidences that they used to exist in the past. Today, there are actually plenty of large humanoid skeletal system that were uncovered by the scientists. If you are a religious individual, you are probably familiar about the giant named, 'Goliath'.

Separating Real Facts about Trolls from the Fairytales

In most fairytale stories involving a Norwegian troll as a character, you will most likely find them being describe as large and brutish creature. But on some other sources, they were describe having the same human-like appearance. In Norwegian Folklore actually call them as 'Vitterfolk'.

Rumors say that Vitterfolk trolls do have tails that are concealed behind their clothing. Some of them had hair tied with a single lock whereas no human could comb. Others simply just have messy hairs. The most intriguing aspects about the female trolls of this kind is that they were too often elegantly dressed exactly just like a human-women wondering around the forest. It’s for this reason why most human-males are attracted to them but as a result, they end up doing the creatures' bidding (slaves) or to become either their mates or pets. According to some victims of these female trolls that either escaped or released by the mystical creature from their spell, they just suddenly came out into their own senses wandering alone in the middle of the forest with no memory of what had happened to them. In addition, the time it takes for the female troll to keep their victims could reach decades or even until death. For some, they are instantly released from the mystical spell in just after a few days.

Trolls are mystical creatures because they posses capabilities that are beyond human. They can make themselves invisible into the naked human-eyes, travel on the winds and even sneak into your own house without breaking the windows or anything else. Do you know that they are also good shape-shifters?

Shape-shifter means that they can take the form of any objects or animals. In most cases, they like to take the form of a cat or dog or a rolling ball of synthetic fibers. One common method to identify the presence of trolls around your surroundings is that, you can actually hear them speak with their creepy voice or even shout. Some of them simply make noises such as the sound of a cattle.

If you are out and probably got lost in the forest, smelling food being cooked on such a weird place also signifies the presence of trolls on that area.

Moreover, large-sized trolls are separated from the small human-sized trolls. It’s because big-sized trolls are brutish and totally dumb. Whilst the human-sized trolls are social beings just like us. They also know how to craft various things, cook foods, keep animals and etc… Based on the Scandinavian folklore, such community of trolls resides within an underground particularly underneath a large boulder of rocks deep in the forest or mountains. The most interesting part about what most folklore claims is that there are hoards or piles of golden treasures in their living quarters.

Finally, here’s the last question which will be answered on my next post. ‘Are trolls really that bad to hurt us humans?’ You are free to share your own opinion below at the comment form.

If you want to know more about Norwegian trolls then here is a book that I recommend for your further reading material.