Definition of Internet Trolling with Examples


You might be surprised that the word 'Troll' or 'Trolling' are commonly used here on the internet especially on community discussion sites such as forums, blogs and social networks. What it means is by far different from what exactly a troll creature does as described multiple times on this blog.

So what does internet trolling mean?

Trollers are actually ordinary individuals who are users or members of the community but contributes false or abusive remarks that could hurt others. If you happen to participate on a certain interesting discussion let's say from a forum or blog then suddenly, somebody started to make absurd responses. This act is what they call as 'internet trolling'.

For those who enjoys spending some of their time on FaceBook, you might encounter somebody who will comment on your profile with negative and very disrespecting remarks. This case is the same as the above.

Internet Trolling

The general definition of trolling is actually an act where the troller makes sarcastic, false or rude remarks intended to annoy innocent individuals. Google also provides a general definition as someone who makes inflammatory posts and out of the topic messages.

Internet Trolling Examples

To better explain how internet trolling is done, let's have an example;

Example 1

Joey: I'm having a problem installing the game that I bought online. The problem prompting from my screen says that a certain file is missing. Please help, I can't wait to play the game.

John: Your best option is to contact the technical support from where you have bought the game. Or you may also visit the official site of that particular game and there must be a discussion regarding about your issue.

Cage: This is easy. All you just have to do is to delete the game from your hard drive. If its in the form of a CD disk then take it out from your PC and throw it away like a flying saucer way up onto the sky. You will surely thank me for getting rid of your problem.

On this first example, Cage was the troller who has given an insulting form of solution. The response doesn't help at all and it's very annoying. Other than that, it's a complete waste of time reading it. In most moderated forums, this case could lead into the troller's account from being banned.

Example 2

Anna: This is the latest photo of myself. I hope that you like it guys.

Genny: You look so pretty my friend. Perhaps you can upload more of your beautiful photos on your profile.

Cage: You look like an idiot from your photo posing like a super model but in fact you are the opposite of being pretty which means that you are utterly ugly.

Again, Cage was the troller on this second example. The case is a direct personal attack into his victim calling her idiot and ugly.

Example 3

Denver: Wow your video on YouTube is awesome.

Mike: Thanks Denver, it is actually my first video and I'm not hoping that you are going to like it.

Cage: I've seen your video and it's the worst among all of the videos posted here on YouTube (then suddenly logged-off).

As for this third example, Cage suddenly logged out after giving a crude remark making the other members unable to retort.

Example 4

Joseph: I'm doing great with my personal blog where I'm constantly gaining loyal readers everyday. For this reason, I will make a contest with good prizes for the lucky 3 chosen winners.

Duncan: As one of your loyal readers, I'm so excited about this contest where I'll try my very best to win.

Cage: Get lost as I am the best in all sorts of things. After this contest ends, the price will surely goes to me.

On this fourth example, Cage acts as an 'internet tough guy' by making remarks that are quite impossible to be achieved.

The 4 Internet Trolling Techniques

1. Abusive and Rude Comments

It's easy to create abusive and rude comments because there's plenty of trash word that can be used here on the internet. Doing this method can classify you as a flamer or flaming others.

2. Create Controversial Arguments

A troller can incite a very controversial argument that can stir the discussion leading into an endless disagreement and out-of-the-topic discussion. Such case involves racism, religious belief, political views and other similar topic where everyone has their own different point of views.

3. Making themselves as the Best in Everything

The troller will act as if he or she knows everything since his or her intention is to dominate the conversation making him or her self the center of the attention. The technique is to create non-stop responses telling about their great accomplishments that no one has ever done. Most likely, such claim of accomplishments are false.

4. Off-Topic

This fourth technique is similar to the second method above but this time, the troller will spam off-topic responses on various threads or discussions.

Is Internet Trolling Illegal?

In some part of the world, internet trolling is now considered illegal. The penalty for committing such act on the internet in Arizona can put you to jail for 25 years. You might be thinking why did they consider it as a form of an illegal act?

Due to the growing numbers of individuals who are exposed in the world of the internet, there's plenty of people who just can't take the psychological effect or impact of accepting trolling remarks. There are already numerous reports about victims of being trolled where they committed suicide.

Persecuting Internet Trolls Under the Code of Law

Other than in Arizona, Australia had also implemented on their law that internet trolls will be persecuted. However, trolls exist world-wide and these law do have limitations which is only valid based on the jurisdiction of the country. Thus, if the troller is from the Philippines and he is targeting someone from Australia then the authority can do nothing about it.

If it happens that the troller is on the same jurisdiction as his victim then the victim can take the issue to the authority. The authorities will then assist the victim by tracking the troll's ISP address which leads them into the exposure of the real identity of the troller. Hopefully, the troll will be arrested and serve the punishment of spending time in jail.