King Kong - The Legendary Giant Gorilla


The most popular giant ape ever existed in the movies and story books was the mighty King Kong. He was actually identified by most scientist as a giant ape that belongs to the extinct species of gorillas known as the 'Megaprimatus Kong'. It was also believed that King Kong was not a native of the 'Skull Island' wherein his ancestors came from Asia via a bridge that linked into the island.

King Kong's early ancestors were known as 'Gigantopithecus'. The name came from two separate Greek words which are Gigantas (giant) and Pithecus (monkey). These prehistoric gorillas were a lot bigger than the modern apes. As for the name King Kong, it came from a German word 'Koing' which means 'kings of kings'. Such title was given due to the reason that this massive beast was the most powerful animal on the land during his period of time.

Large Silverback Gorilla

Physical Appearance

You must have already seen a gorilla. All you just have to do is to multiply the size perhaps 10 times. Moreover, King Kong's approximate size was known to be around 18 to 25 feet. The color of its fur was dark or black. For the old gorillas, their hair at the head and the back tends to turn into grayish silver color.

King Kong

Gorillas walk in a natural way where they support their body with their bare knuckles as they walk. Their knuckles are quite thick and durable capable of sustaining any heavy pressure.


Megaprimatus tends to live in a small group of family. Their children were taken care and guarded by the large males as the smaller size goes to hunt or gather food for the whole family. They prefer to situate themselves on a place nourished with foods that they eat. Megaprimatus were known to be herbivores as they only eat fruits, shoots and leaves of all kinds.

Their form of communication was similar to the modern gorillas today. They can communicate with one another through grunts, roars and body language.


During the period of the Megaprimatus, they have plenty of enemies in the jungle. Among their mortal enemies were the Venatosaurs, Foetodon and Terapusmordax. These predators were only after the young Megaprimatus the reason that the largest male of their kind were the once that stays on guard on their shelter.

Movie (Warning, paragraph below contains spoiler)

Somewhere in the Indian Ocean was the Skull Island, a place with so many strange giant animals. And, there lives the mightiest creature King Kong. However, he was captured by an American film crew led by 'Carl Denham' wherein they took the giant creature into New York to be exhibited. At some point, King Kong had managed to escape searching for Ann Darrow. This made King Kong climbed the Empire State Building with an attempt to protect the actress who was thinking that she was in grave danger. As a result, he was shot by a group of military aircraft and sadly he fell down and died.

Watch how the mighty King Kong (2005 Movie) fights a group of predators (dinosaurs).

Is the movie King Kong based on a Real Story?

King Kong was a fictional character and his story on the film was not based on some sort of real story or events. Perhaps the only real thing was the part showing how aggressive the beast.

Moreover, this giant gorilla was created out from the brilliant imagination of a US film maker 'Merian C. Cooper'.

Similarities of King Kong to the Giant Trolls

Most species of giant trolls are also quite hairy but not as hairy as the King Kong.

Just like the gorillas, giant trolls also communicate with one another through grants, roars, howling and body language (they don't speak human language).

And above, both beasts are aggressive type of creatures.