Troll Sighting in Norway

Norway is believed to be the original home of the trolls because there has already been several proofs and sightings of their existence until this current period of our time. Some popular places of Norway are actually even named after the great trolls. There are also rumors that those huge rocks found in Norway are the corpses of dead trolls exposed under the ray of sunlight.

Going back into the history of Norway culture particularly about the trolls, these creatures had existed only on the Norwegian Mythology. They are considered myth which means that they are not real but simply created by a certain person out from imagination as story characters. But, don't you know that most stories in the past are actually based on their real life experiences and events?

Most trolls in Norway are depicted as Nordic equivalents of giants though often smaller in size. Old portraits and sculptures of these creatures are often depicted as extremely wicked and cruel. Stories even describe them as dishonest, ugly or scary and they posses evil magical abilities. Some human-like trolls prefers to live in the wilderness, underground hills, caves or piles of earth. The biggest trolls was known to be found in Norway is in the Hunderfossen family park in Gudbrandsdal.

The extinction of the trolls which is according to legends was due to the gods who frequently created lightning that intentionally hits anyone from the ground. For this reason, trolls went extinct but their are still some evidences that some manages to flee and still occupies the deepest forests and widest tundra of Norway.

Present Sightings of Trolls in Norway

There are actually several trolls sightings in Norway that has been accidentally caught on camera. Some even managed to capture these mystical creatures on their hand-held video camera. People of Norway are actually courageous and must be admired for their bravery for being able to stand and capture these mystical creatures.

Here are some of the photos that they willingly shared for the community to witness how a real troll looks like:



Sad to say that the photos had been taken down due to the reason that an authority had sent an email with the threat to take this site down. The email even asked for the original copy of the photos to be confiscated by them with an amount of cash to be rewarded in return.

Moreover, there are also troll sightings found in other countries such as the creature that has been captured on a low quality camera at Pennsylvania. Too bad that its quite hard to determine the features of the creature on the photo unlike the images posted above.

Another creature believed to be a descendant of the troll are found in Namibia Africa. It was already a few years ago that the creature was caught and taken by the authorities. Unfortunately, nothing was ever heard more about the creature about any further findings.


The secret government organization who threatened me to confiscate my original photos finally caught me. They got all my photos now as well as all of my compiled researches about trolls. Other than that, they also want me to "shut this blog down". However, I managed to negotiate to their demand by deleting all "sensitive information about trolls". This is the reason why there are only few posts that remains. Sad to say, I won't be publishing anymore post about these creatures.