List of Movies with Trolls in Them


You must have been a fun of trolls just like me who are interested in watching movies about them. There are actually plenty of these movies with trolls in them that I'm even planning on writing my reviews.

Moreover, I will be introducing on this post the top 10 movies with troll creatures which are also my best suggestions for you to watch.

Here are the following top 10 movies on my list:

1. Troll Hunter (2011)

A group of young film makers goes out to investigate the killings of the bears in the vast forest of Norway. As they try to expose the suspected culprit of the incident, they came to know that he actually works from a top secret government agency that hunts down trolls. The film crew didn't expect what they just found out where they end up being chased by aggressive giant trolls.

2. The Troll (1986)

This was a very old movie that even won an award as the best horror film on 1986. The movie features a very old specie of trolls known as the 'Torok'. Their kind actually no longer exist but at some point one of them managed to survive until this present period of our time. Watch this movie as the last surviving Torok troll attempts to resurrect its old world out from the new existing human world.

3. The Troll 2 - The 20th Anniversary

A family goes for a summer vacation in a small town called 'Nilbog' but unexpectedly, they were not aware about the existence of trolls. As they try to explore the village, they started noticing strange things around them. They then realized that the trolls were capable of turning humans into vegetables through their magical potion.

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4. Troll in the Central Park

This movie is best for children to watch. The protagonist was actually a troll who was capable of growing flowers through his green thumb. Unfortunately, the world where the troll lives was ruled by a wicked and powerful troll queen. Her goal was to cause bad things and misfortune to all humans. However, our protagonist doesn't want to harm humans the reason why the queen exiled him as his punishment.

The friendly troll was exiled into the human world where he met two young human siblings. This ends up the troll being happy with his new human friends but the wicked queen found out about it. Watch this movie as the friendly troll and his human friends overcome the evil wicked troll queen.

5. Gnomes and Trolls - The Secret Chamber

This is another  good movie that is perfectly suitable for children to watch. On this movie, the trolls had sneaked into the Gnomes secret food chamber and stolen all their foods. This puts all the gnome's village into serious hunger but one brave gnome had volunteered for a mission to retrieve their foods back.

6. Beowulf (2007)

In the kingdom of Spare Danes, a troll named 'Grendel' keeps on attacking the villager hurting anyone across its path. A growing concern was troubling the king as he doesn't know what to do. Most of his army had already been taken out and injured by the monster. Fortunately, a mighty warrior by the name of 'Beowulf' came to visit the land and to deal with the troll.

7. Lord of the Rings

The trolls were known as the Olog-hai and they were the most powerful army that Sauron had commanded to pursue the hobbit, 'Peregrin Took'. They had successfully attacked the 'Siege of Gondor' then at the 'Battle of the Pelennor Fields'. However, they failed on their pursuit at the 'Battle of the Black Gate' when the ring has been finally destroyed.

8. Hansel and Gretel the Witch Hunters

When Gretel was being bullied by a group of bad guys, a huge mighty troll had suddenly barged out of the bushes. The troll came out rushing towards the bad guys smashing them with his own powerful bare hands.

9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

A mountain troll had entered the school campus and wondered around. Unfortunately, Hermione was at the toilet room and she was not even aware about the troll. Thus, Harry Potter and Ron Weasly went to the toilet room to warn their friend but unexpectedly, the troll was already there.

10. Snow White and The Huntsman

While Snow White and the Huntsman was on their way around the swampy dry land, they accidentally disturbed one humongous troll. It was so big that the Huntsman doesn't even stand a chance of fighting it. For some unknown reason, the giant troll got intimidate when Snow White started shouting at it.

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