Interesting Facts About Troll Dolls


Behind the troll dolls, there's an interesting fact about the person who created these small toy creatures. Back in 1959, a 'Danish' fisherman by the name of 'Thomas Dam' and his family were on financial needs that he cannot afford a Christmas gift for his young daughter 'Lila'.

Apart from his job as a fisherman, he got another skill as a woodcutter or woodcarver. According to Thomas Dam, he simply let his own imagination helped him in carving his very first troll doll which he gave as a present to his daughter.

Thomas Dam's daughter Lila was so very happy that when other children in the Danish town saw the troll doll on her hand, they would also like to have one. This ticked the mind of Thomas Dam to turn it into a huge business. As a result, he put up a company which he called as 'Dam's Company'. They started mass-producing troll dolls in the form of plastics under the name as 'Good Luck Trolls'.

Dam's Good Luck Troll dolls suddenly became so popular in most of the European countries during the early period of 1960s. But the simple fisherman's success didn't end there. His great success followed when the troll dolls were introduced in the United States in 1963 that it even became the biggest toy fads until 1965. However, some company imitated Thomas Dam's product wherein they cost a lot much cheaper replacing the original out of the North American shelves with the cheap imitations.

Troll Doll

In 2003, the Congressional Law has finally decided to restore the original US copyright back into the Dam Family of Denmark. 'Uneeda' was the one responsible for the production of troll doll imitations in the US wherein they made millions of dollars from it. Since they cannot afford to lose what they have been making from their troll dolls, they challenged the Congress' decision but they lost.

Today, there are many people around the world who find enjoyment in collecting troll dolls. There is actually an obsessed mom who has over a thousand troll dolls as her collection. When she was asked why she was so obsessed with her collection of troll dolls, she simply claimed that her collection makes her very happy. I think there's more into that than being happy but only people with such obsession can understand the reason why.

Apart from the collectors, 'DreamWorks' which is the largest company in the field of animation has acquired an intellectual property rights for the troll franchise from the Dam Family. Currently, DreamWorks has an ongoing huge plans about the troll dolls in presenting them of today's wide-screen.