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Norwegian Prime Minister Admits Trolls Exist

This post is intended for those who had already watched the movie 'Troll Hunter' (2010) which was a mockumentary film or also known as 'found footage'. If you have watched the film from the very beginning way through its end then you should have seen the press conference where the Norwegian Prime Minister admits trolls exist in their country.

The real question here is that, 'Was the interview with the Norwegian prime minister real?'

Before we answer the question, here's the video clip from YouTube to refresh the memory of those who had already seen the film before. Watch it carefully and observe for any authenticity of the footage.

When you are done lets now answer the question above.

The answer is 'fake' where both the subtitles and audio were dubbed over the actual scene.

What's the Proof that its Fake?

The press conference with the Prime Minister of Norway was real but just like what I previously stated above, the subtitles and audio were genuinely dubbed. Now to prove that its fake, watch the video clip again from the start to 0:11 time-frame.

When 'Jens Stoltenberg' mentions the sentence below:

"In Norway we're voting for electricity, but we're against power lines."

The camera had shifted into the other guy wearing a black suit.

Lip Reading

Some of you might be familiar about the so called 'Lip Reading'. This is a capability of being able to interpret what the person is saying without the need of listening into his or her voice. All that requires is to interpret the words through the movement of the lips of the talking person.

Lip Reading

For those who can speak or understand Norwegian language, you can watch the video clip over-and-over again to confirm the legitimacy of the footage.

Overall, Norway Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg did uttered those words right until the part where the camera shifted into the other guy who made a remarkable and priceless reaction. While the camera was shifted on the other guy, that was the part when the Prime Minister admitted that trolls does exists and the reason why they had requested more Power Lines around Norway. The shifting of the camera prevents anyone who can lip read from confirming if the Prime Minister really uttered those words.


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    about aliens giants and more ?

  2. Mark Whitworth,

    You are right Mark. The Bible itself which is the oldest book that contains events from the past talks about giants and other mystical beings. Since you mentioned about UFO and aliens, I would also like to add the mermaids which currently have a complete documentary from the Animal Planet.

    1. The epic of Gilgamesh predates the hebrew bible by nearly 2 millennias! What about the Egyptian Book of the Dead? Or the Sanskrit Ramayana of India & the Greek Homer? Both written around 8th century bce, just like ur bible! Stupid bible thumpers!

    2. This guy gets it.

  3. Elmo, I Just watched troll hunter and I'm intrigued. Do the territory that the film claims actually keep the existence of trolls? If so then surely there will be a lot of tourists that will visit the place?

  4. Interested Anom,

    As of now, it's all about conspiracy and speculation.

  5. From what I have been told by a Norwegian, what he said was true but when it pans to the other, it is fake. When he says troll, he is talking about the oilfields and its collectively called troll.

  6. This conference of the Norwegian Prime Minister was conducted on June 25, 2010 and they were talking about the Power Lines.

  7. The director admitted in an interview right when the movie came out that they intentionally edited the speech to make it right in context. He said that he decided to do it simply because the prime minister said the word troll. As mentioned above, he was talking about an oil field. Specifically, the troll field. And the field part is what was cut out.

  8. Troll is also the Norwegian word for gas pumping platform or tower. In the north of their country. It fits th e context of what he's saying. He did not mean Ogre. It is similar to Americans saying that many FAIRIES live in San Francisco.


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