Norwegian Carved Wooden Trolls


Did you know that the first and original Norwegian troll doll was made out of wood?

The original creator of troll dolls was a skilled wood carver wherein carving figures were just his favorite pass time. His story and the creation of troll dolls started when he doesn't have any money to buy a birthday present for his beloved daughter. As a result, the first troll doll was crafted out of his hands using just an ordinary wood.

Today, all troll dolls that are available in the commercial market are made out of plastics. Manufacturing such type of products can be easily mass produced because machines does the job fast and not manually by hand. Plastic materials also tend to last longer as compared to woods.


Why some collectors prefer to choose hand-made wood crafted troll dolls?

A huge number of plastic-made troll dolls have already been mass produced widely and  already popular all around the world. You can easily purchase them either in the shopping mall or online stores. However, wooden troll dolls are a lot more rare that cannot be easily found as those that are made out of plastics. I actually just made a search at Amazon Store and they have no hand-crafted wooden troll dolls that are available while eBay does have only few of them.

Wooden Troll Doll

Thus, the reason why most collector prefers to grab Norwegian troll dolls that are made of wood is because of their rarity.

Manufactured Wooden Troll Dolls

You have to know that there are also those manufactured troll dolls that are made out of wood. Machines carved them exactly the same as how the plastic versions are made. However, there's a big difference between manufactured wooden troll dolls from the hand-crafted and they are the following:

  • Manufactured Wooden Troll Dolls are Perfectly Identical

  • Since manufactured wooden troll dolls are made by machines, each item that are produced are perfectly identical. Hand-made troll dolls are not wherein they could vary in size, shape and slight difference in appearance.

  • Finishing of the Surface

  • The most obvious way of identifying manufactured wooden product from a hand-crafted item is by taking a closer look into the fine-finish of their surfaces. A manufactured wooden troll doll has a very refined or smooth surface while a manually made hand-crafted is not.

    Why a Manually Hand-Crafted Troll Doll is Way Much More Valuable?

    The reason why a manually hand-crafted troll doll is a lot more valuable than those that are manufactured by machines is due to the time that it took to craft the object. A lot of time has been dedicated by the wood carver just to produce one work of art. Other than that, it's a product of skill. Machines doesn't have those qualities which lowers their value in terms of art and effort.

    If you really wanted to own a unique and completely rare Norwegian carved wooden troll doll, its best to find a skilled wood carver and let him craft one or more dolls for your collection. It maybe be pretty hard to find a skilled wood carver in the United States but there's plenty of talented wood carvers in the third-world countries such as in the Philippines.