Real Wendigo Sightings Collection


For those who are looking for evidences of the real existence of the Wendigo creatures. You can check the actual sightings of the creatures compiled on this YouTube video:

Here are the following details about the Wendigo sightings based on the footage:

Wendigo Sighting in Iraq

The footage of the Wendigo creature sighted in Iraq can be viewed at 1:30 time frame. It's really quite hard to come up with clear appearance of the creature due to the used low quality of the camera. Based from what I've seen, it was a humanoid creature with long arms and legs. It also seem to be at a "crouching position" as it walks around.

Basing from the legends, Wendigos are aggressive and cannibalistic in nature. This means that if the creature caught in the video was really a Wendigo then it should've attack the person behind the camera. Other than that, Wendigo as based from the legends possess powerful demonic abilities. However, it is still possible that the mysterious humanoid creature in the film was a newly born Wendigo which who was yet to discoveries its potentials.

2006 New Mexico

The next Wendigo sighting from the video was at New Mexico in 2006 wherein the creature appears similar as the creature sighted in Iraq. This time, the Wendigo was obviously hiding behind the bushes unaware that it was being filmed. The most shocking scene from this footage was when the creature notices the person behind the camera, "both of its eyes lit up".

I just wonder what happened next after that. In most cases, a Wendigo creature with eyes lit up has been annoyed and won't hesitate to attack anyone. Thus, my own opinion says that the person who was able to capture this footage ended up inside the Wendigo's stomach otherwise it was a different creature.


Some teenagers were having fun at their campsite when the same creature from the two previous sightings suddenly passed-by from the background. One of the teenagers even heard the noise caused by the creature.

'Did you hear something?'

'Maybe it's a dog.'

Wendigo Captured by Hunters Motion Activated Camera in 2010

With high-tech gadgets today such as the Hunters Motion Activated Camera, a Wendigo creature was clearly captured in the form of an image. It is currently the best Wendigo evidence that proves their very existence.

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