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Can Humans communicate or Interact with the Giant Trolls?

It would be really nice and amazing if we humans can communicate with the giant trolls. There would be huge benefits for both of us particularly in sharing knowledge with one another. Since these creatures could actually live for up to 5000 years of age, they could reveal to us more information about the ancient world.

Unfortunately, real trolls aren’t what we expect to be. They are far different from what has been described on the old mythological books. These giant creatures being sighted by a few individuals proves that they are similar to wild animals particularly beasts.

Maybe, we can communicate with them if they can only be tamed. But for what purpose? Tame them to become your pets?

They actually don’t show any signs of intelligence but an animalistic nature. Anyway, there is still the possibility that there are other more civilized species of trolls out there who cleverly kept themselves concealed not to be seen by any of us.


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