Giant Troll Featured on Thor 2 Movie


The second sequel of the popular Thor 2 movie featured one giant troll on a short scene. Thor along with his friends were fighting a group of barbaric rebels. It was a very good action scenes where all the heroic characters had shown their own unique and magnificent fighting skills.

Thor was simply having fun smashing his foes away like it was nothing until one giant Norwegian-like creature stepped out for a challenge. So the entire battle happening around was put to stop for them to witness the one-on-one battle between Thor and the unknown rebel champion.

With a swirl to his hammer and thrown it against the giant troll, the impact was so powerful that the creature was smashed into pieces of broken rocks.

The most common question is that, "How can the monster walk in day light?". Light can actually turn trolls into lifeless rocks as featured in the Troll Hunter movie.

The possible explanation is due to the armor being worn by the creature. This protects it from the sunlight and probably, it got broken when Thor's hammer made an impact. This allowed the light to penetrate the inside which caused the giant troll to turn into a rock.


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