Pirate Troll from The 47 Ronin Movie


To all those who already watched the movie entitled 'The 47 Ronin' then there was the scene inside the pirate's boat wherein Kai was fighting for his life against a bandit-fighter. After defeating his current foe, the next fighter wasn't human but a giant troll which is according to most sources. The creature displayed brute strength trying to smash Kai but with his agile skill of fighting, he was able to evade its attack and was able to defeat the monster.

Kai had actually beheaded the giant troll with his samurai sword and it died. The only thing that bothered me was that the giant troll's corpse didn't turn into stone. This part confuses me if the creature was a troll or not. A troll once it died should immediately turn into stone just like what has been portrayed in the Troll Hunter movie.

There's a difference between a giant troll and an Orc. Giant trolls are completely dumb when it comes to physical combat. Their way of fighting solely depends on their natural beast behavior. Unlike the giant trolls, Orcs were creatures with barbaric characteristic. They were fierce warriors wherein they always love to engage in a war.

Thus, the pirate troll from the movie was an Orc which can be confirmed because of how it displayed its skill in combat.