Slaying Giant Trolls with Powerful Beam of Light


Giant trolls can be unstoppable where common modern human weapons does not have much any effect on them. So if they really wanted to, they can invade the human lands and wreck havoc to their paths. Fortunately, they can't. Why? It is because they are afraid of the day light.

Being afraid of the daylight is what made these Norwegian giant creatures conceal themselves deep in the thick forest regions. While others do live in the mountains covered by thick mist of clouds.

In case you do not know it yet, all trolls of any kind are like vampires. Being exposed under sunlight can immediately cause them instant death. What's going to happen to them is that they will turn into stones. It is somewhat similar to Medusa's curse when you stare to her eyes.

How about the moonlight? What if it is full moon? Do they still come out from their hiding places?

Yes, night will always be their own rightful time to come out and explore the world around them. The light being emitted by the moon even during full moon is not really that much strong enough to turn them into lifeless rocks. It is for this reason why troll hunters developed their own sophisticated equipment that can produce powerful beam of light directed to their target.

You should watch the movie Troll Hunter where the film featured two powerful equipment used by Hans in taking down the creatures with enormous sizes.