Strange Creature Sighted in Imjarvi Finland Norway


In 1971, there were two guys who decided to take their day-off and went to ski in the snowy mountains of Imjarvi Finland, Norway. Unexpectedly, they encountered creatures in which they describe as “troll-like” beings.

“Esko Viljo” was a farmer and his companion “Aarno Heinonen” was a forester. While they were fully entertained on their skiing activity, a “strange reddish mist” caught their attentions. Suddenly, a flying saucer emerged out from the fog which emitted some sort of powerful light that blinded the two individuals and lost their consciousness.

When they woke up, they found themselves strangely on the mountainside. They really have no idea or memories on how did they got themselves on that place. But, they have fragments of memories recalling creatures similar to the physical features of trolls.

According to the two witnesses, they described the creatures that they encountered with thin bodies, hooked nose, pointy ears and they were wearing pointy cone-shaped hat.

The most interesting part is that, one of them later recalled a certain room where they were surrounded by the troll like creatures. One of these trolls approached him and explained that they implanted something inside their heads. This will allow them to establish future contacts.

Moreover, the creatures that they encountered sounds like more of an extra-terrestrial beings.