Why are Giant Trolls So Dumb?


What exactly is the reason why giant trolls are so dumb? Unfortunately, no one can really provide an answer to this question with some solid proof or evidence. Majority of the theories actually claims that it is their nature. Or, they are born that way.

Written on the old scriptures particularly the folklore, these creatures were still described as dumb but some of them were able to communicate with humans. Being able to interact with us in the past is actually a good sign of intellect. They just happen to fail in many logical aspects of correct thinking.

But this is what really matters the most, real Norwegian giant trolls that are being encountered today are unlike those portrayed from the folklore. So when you unexpectedly came across one of them on a certain remote place, do not expect that you can talk your way out of it but immediately, you need to run.

Giant trolls are always expected to attack humans without any hesitation especially when you are inside their territory. They are actually considered as wild beasts. Their characteristics of being an aggressive creature closely matches the wild bears. The Raglefant from the Troll Hunter movie is a good perfect example of what might happen to an unfortunately human victim.